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Without credit bureau the offer of the bank is manageable. Who has a negative entry into the credit bureau, with the so-called credit without credit bureau, finds an optimal and sometimes even the only financing solution. In the case of credit bureau, the one who has a negative entry will hardly get a loan from a German bank. Even if the debt is already paid, it takes three years for the entry to be deleted from the credit bureau. Alternatively, then offers a loan without creation. An explanation over at

Loans without credit bureau: Swiss Credit

Loans without credit bureau: Swiss Credit

The Swiss loan owes its title above all to its country of origin, Switzerland. 2. The Swiss loan is a so-called micro-credit, which was designed specifically for the interests of the Germans and performs a relevant examination exclusively in connection with the usual creditworthiness check, eg on pay slips etc., but does not require or obtain credit bureau information ,

The non-creative loan is granted exclusively to people with a fixed employment relationship. In addition, the loan in Switzerland is reserved exclusively for German applicants who have their permanent residence and a fixed, unlimited and unpaid employment in the Federal Republic and have reached the minimum age of 18 years. At the end, the loan can either be paid by letter or transferred to the lexicon checking account.

However, self-employed, freelancers, pensioners or the unemployed are not included in a loan without credit bureau information. A credit note with credit bureau information is possible for them and otherwise just as easy. In addition, no Swiss competitor or guarantor is required for a Swiss loan, as is the case with many other loans. The advantage is obvious and makes the Swiss Credit an undisputed decision.

For about 20 years, there are loans in this way, so a performance of today’s e-commerce. All credit transactions are conducted exclusively via the web or by post. Anyone who wants to make such a loan application will quickly and easily get a loan for their small concerns.

For higher credit inquiries, however, a credit bureau information is then obtained.

For higher credit inquiries, however, a credit bureau information is then obtained.

This means that the loan can be financed by anyone. The information obligation and the usual entry in the credit distribution is waived by the bank. 2. For some people it is often the only possible and unobtrusive way to get a loan application, as a credit bureau entry, often triggered by small details, destroys the credit rating dictionary over several years.

But even the housing bank, which rejects the loan under certain circumstances, would know nothing about it, which is a great advantage, especially if one still applied for a mortgage loan or would like to increase additionally. This Swiss small loan offer is available without any use and thus offers the opportunity to feel small concerns, a leisure time or maybe a special holiday wish.

Thus, the Swiss loan is just as discreet and reliable as all previously known loans.

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